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Good Enough for Love *

*  This story is temporarily unavailable while I reissue the cover under my new author name - Wendie Daniels

Moving to the country challenges everything she knows...
All Amber Hutchinson wants is to do up the run-down country hotel her grandfather left her, then sell it and get on with her life. Living in the country never featured in her plans. And no annoyingly handsome local sheep farmer will change her mind, even if he is constantly butting into her business. 

Doing the right thing shouldn't be this hard…
After local farmer, Zach Wentworth, finds a gorgeous, blond-haired woman stuck in a window, he discovers she's the new owner of the only hotel in town. Without the hotel, Willow’s Bend is likely to die a slow death. So, he does whatever he can to assist. But he sure as hell won't be risking his heart over some stubborn know-it-all city-slicker who refuses everybody's help. 

And with the whole town eagerly discussing their every move, things just get more complicated for both of them.