Brave at Heart - my current work in progress

He's stubbornly suspicious. She's always right.


Lieutenant Colonel DOUGLAS BRAVEHEART is a respected, close-to-retirement  military spy. He believes loyalty and discretion are things you earn. And once you have his trust, he'll go to hell and back defending you. So, when a long-lost 'friend' is sitting behind his desk in the dead of night, he's immediately on edge. But when she tells him his second in command is suspected of selling sensitive secrets to the Chinese, he's incensed.

CIA Assistant Director EDITH HOLDEN has never forgotten Doug Braveheart. But she's got a job to do. And she'll do it to the best of her abilities. Yes, she's there to prove he's been colluding with the Chinese. Yes, she's there to ruin his career. And yes, she'll take over his role while her investigation is being conducted. But what she didn't account for was:

(1) her attraction to the older, wiser, and way too accommodating Lieutenant Colonel; and

(2) the lengths those under him will go to protect their own.


Neither Doug or Edith ever expected this encounter would lead to a second chance at love. Who'll be the first to cross the line? Because reconciling their past, and their current circumstances means putting everything on the line...all for the chance of love this late in life.