Work-in-progress: Brave Enough For Love

SAMANTHA WILD is seeking perfection. 

For the past year, Samantha has travelled Australia looking for one perfect image that’ll make her name. And, in western Victoria, in the middle of nowhere, she finds it. An abandoned farm house, a gnarly tree with a dark silhouette standing beside it just as the sun’s setting. That image is everything she’s been seeking and more. Much more. Too bad the male she captured is not amused. Sure, she’d taken his photo without permission, so what? And what's was a little trespassing between enemies? But it’s not just his silhouette that’s perfect. The blond-haired, muscle-bound male is definitely handsome. Someone who makes Samantha want to hang around. Too bad he’s not interested in anything but running her out of town.


HARRY DOBSON should be dead.

Instead, he’s in Willow’s Bend, trying to stay positive. Trying to overcome an IED exploding in front of him, taking the life of three fellow soldiers, seriously injuring others. But it’s hard. As the barman in the only hotel in town, he keeps his distance, from everyone. And Harry’s determined no-one will ever know about his shameful past - a mental breakdown no-one knows about. One no-one ever will, if he has his way. Then a feisty, gorgeous red headed photographer takes his image without his permission. She makes his heart race and his protective instincts soar, disturbing the minuscule peace he’s found. His life is fine, just the way it is.

© 2016 Wendy Lee Davies

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