Captured - coming soon

When she’s betrayed, he stands by her side…

ALICE KING has always put her family first. She’s a dedicated executive assistant to her military uncle and is currently undergoing specialist training on an isolated military base. Something she enjoys, right up until she’s kidnapped.

It's his duty to protect her, but all he wants is to kiss her …

Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Commander NELSON ROSS must keep his orders to protect the one woman he can’t stop thinking about secret. But when Alice is accused of undermining her father’s re-election prospects, he immediately defends her.


Nelson is the only person Alice can rely on to help. Too bad she's also way too interested in Nelson to concentrate of proving her innocence. While they work together, Nelson’s torn between protecting her from afar or kissing her until she melts in his arms.

Surrounded by betrayal and family expectations, Alice and Nelson must put loyalty and honour on the line for a chance at love.

© 2016 Wendy Lee Davies

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