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04 Jul 2018

Here I discuss the pros and cons of producing a print-on-demand paperback book

08 Jun 2018

This month I reflect on what I've been doing, what goals I've reached, and what more I need to achieve...

06 May 2018

This month's confession has me believing I've achieved nothing, only to find out I've actually done quite a bit...

04 Apr 2018

So, once you've finished writing a romance novel, what happens? You wait...and wait...and wait...

07 Mar 2018

Sometimes, I would kill for a good story idea!

05 Feb 2023

Yeah, this is the month where love reigns supreme. 

07 Jan 2023

I confess. After all, this is Confessions of a Romance Writer. So I’m confessing. Out loud. And in writing.

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