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Her Unexpected Mate

A romantic science-fiction short story of approximately 2,000 words.

On a routine mission to an abandoned moon, Commander Jezebel Hedin of the 10th Exploratory Team discovers something the Damari Organisation for Galactic Settlement (DOGS) refuses to acknowledge - evidence of life outside their control. And this discovery changes Jez's life forever.

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Chasing Dreams

A romantic science-fiction short story of approximately 3,000 words.

Astronomer, Thea Rigel has always had prophetic dreams, though she's never acknowledged them. Now, on the brink of fulfilling her greatest hope - confirming aliens do exist - her dreams become even more real. Is her dream male - the one destined just for her - really inside the spaceship she discovered? And what will she do if he is?

Available from Amazon and Amazon Australia for $0.99

Taking a Chance
One of 11 romantic short stories on the more spicy side that was accepted into the Romance Writers of Australia's 2019 anthology - Spicy Bites: Masks.

Available from Amazon Australia for $0.99

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